Faq Umrah

Is It Possible To Plan An Umra Program Apart From Your Own Program?

If you are more than 10 people, then we can plan a separate Umra program for you. For more questions, you should contact us.

Can I Take My Family To A Room?

This is possible if you are 4 people.

What Happens If I Stay There Longer Than Planned?

We get fine from Hajj Ministry and you get 5 years entry ban to Saudi Arabia and are imprisoned. Also, you will get both your lodgers heavy fines.

Is It Possible To Organize Only Visa And Flight From You?

No – this is not possible.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa?

The visa for Umra takes about 3 weeks. With faster processing even 2 weeks.

When Does The Umra Season Begin / End?

After Ramadan the Umra-Saions ends and about 2 months after the Umra the season starts.

Faq Hajj

I Would Like To Make Hajj For My Deceased Parents, Gives Your Seie A Chance? How Much Does This Service Cost?

Yes, this possibility exists: Option 1: You pay the full hajj for the intention of the deceased. We have well-known and experienced group leaders who made Hajj several times. These persons can perform Haj for the person of choice. This is the best way to make a gift to the deceased. Option 2: Or you pay for half the Hajj and we will hire someone to do it.


Is There A Possibility That I Can Take More Zamzam Or Dates With Me?

Yes ! – there are kargo options that deliver up to your home. You have to pay the costs yourself.

Can I Fly From Saudi Arabia To My Home Country?

Unfortunately it is not possible. – You have to go back to Germany.

Can I Fly Back Sooner Or Later Than Planned?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, you must join the entire Hajj program.


Which Food Is Offered In Our Hotel? Because I Am Sensitive Or Allergic.

The food is cooked by a Turkish restaurant. It’s all normal food that’s supposed to be a relief to the Hüccac. But you can also visit other restaurant for a fee.



In the Hajj you have to be prepared for a few points. Almost all Hüccac who arrive there have different habits. If you think that way, your Hajj journey will be a torment. Therefore, we recommend you to make Sabr and try to adapt or get used to certain unpleasant situations as far as possible. Remember that Hajj time is very short and Allah will help you.


My Parents Come To Hajj From Abroad. Can I Meet My Parents There Or Stay With My Parents?

Yes, that’s possible – but keep in mind that you can only travel to Medina with the group. Because your guide owns the passports.


I Am A Drug Addict And I Want To Stop It. With This Intention, I Would Like To Go To Hajj. What Do I Have To Consider?

It is strictly forbidden to take drugs to Saudia. If you get caught doing it, then you have to expect capital punishment! You should only make a Hajj trip when you are free from a morning bug. It is best to have a doctor confirm that you are well again. In the past, we have had some unpleasant people who unintentionally molested fellow visitors in a crisis.


I Was In Hajj Three Years Ago, Now My Wife Wants To Go To Hajj As Well, Can I Join Me As A Guide?

Yes – this is possible as a mahrem


I Have A Friend With An Eu Passport. Can He Go With Us From Germany To Hajj?


An EU citizen must have at least one year of registration from the City Hall so we can get a Hajj visa.



Can Someone Who Enters Germany Via A Schengen Visa And Is Valid For More Than One Year Still Receive A Hajj Visa?

Unfortunately it is not possible! Only normal residence permit applies. No Schengen visa.





Can You Also Buy Visa For My Relatives Abroad? So You Can Come To Hajj With Us?

Unfortunately, it is not possible as the Saudi Ministry requires a normal residence permit that must be valid for at least one year after the departure date.



We have seen through years of experience that it is not a good idea to take the child to Hajj. It is a difficult task for you and your child. You should also be able to concentrate on your Hajj trip. However, you can take your child with Umra, as it is easier than Hajj.

Should I Get An Additional Vaccination? What Happens If I Get Sick There, Are There Doctors There For The Treatment?

It is mandatory to vaccinate against Menengites, but other vaccinations are voluntary. In Saudia, pilgrims can be treated in public hospitals for free by the doctors. You also get some medicines for free.

I Am A Woman Living Alone And I Have No Mahrem. But I Still Want To Go To Hajj, Is There No Exception?

Among the scholars there are disagreements: It is strictly forbidden for a hanefiter to travel to hajj without a mahrem. For others, permission exists when a trusting women’s group exists. However, a visa is only possible in this case if a woman is over 46 years old. (Our experience also says that a woman should best visit with a Mahrem Hajj)

I Have Little Prior Knowledge Of Hajj. Do You Offer Seminars?

Seminars are held shortly before departure in Offenbach. We also offer the possibility to hold online video seminars in German. We also recommend that you check with your scholars near you or read informative books on Hajj. There will also be group lectures in Mecca and Medina.


Are Cancellation Fees Payable In The Event Of Subsequent Cancellation Of A Hajj Trip?

If you unsubscribe in good time before Ramadan, you will get the full money back. However, if you want to unsubscribe later, then according to our terms and conditions processing fees are due.


By When Do I Have To Submit My Passport And Documents At The Latest? When Will I Get These Back?

Your passports are collected at the beginning of Ramadan and only returned for departure.


When Can I Register?

Due to limited visa capacities, early bookers have priority. Once the visa capacity has been reached, we will inform our visitors on the website.

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